GO BUSH Safaris aim to:
  • provide enjoyable, relaxing, and yet stimulating experiences;
  • enable participants to fully appreciate the Australian environment, particularly Australia's unique Nature;
  • help Australians learn more about their own country;
  • enable overseas visitors to see Australian wildlife in natural settings and explore the friendly Australian bush;
  • assist people with an innate liking of the bush to interpret the elements of the landscape, and the environmental impact of various land uses;
  • help participants better understand and appreciate major plant types, fauna, landforms, landuse, and Australian culture, particularly Aboriginal culture;
  • provide information about the total environment, including historical perspectives on areas visited;
  • provide quality time for participants to absorb and appreciate the premium parts of the environment visited;
  • avoid crowds;
  • cater for optimum-sized groups to provide the stimulus of diversity and interaction, whilst preserving privacy;
  • cater for enthusiastic amateur birdwatchers, botanists and photographers;
  • cater for a wide range of ages and stages of fitness;
  • minimize our environmental impact;
  • provide friendly, experienced guides;
  • offer budget, affordable, bush holidays.
When people are on holidays, they want to relax and enjoy themselves. They do not want to be pushed. Our system of self-pacing enables people to exert themselves only as much as they wish in the time available.
John Sinclair has been organising and leading safaris to Australian World Heritage areas since 1968. In the past he has personally led all GO BUSH safaris. He visits more Australian National Parks and World Heritage sites on an annual basis than anyone else. This great experience has helped him develop a flexible, relaxed management style. He is a competent camp cook. He engages experienced assistants. He is an acknowledged expert on Fraser Island, about which he has written a number of books. He has been actively involved in informal education since 1960 and excels in providing excellent commentary and information on the places to be visited. He is a strong advocate for nature conservation and appreciation of cultural heritage. As well as being a competent naturalist, John is one of Australia's foremost conservationists. He was named Australian of the Year for 1976 for his leading role in protecting Fraser Island. He was awarded the prestigious international Goldman Environmental Prize in 1993. John pioneered ecotourism in Australia, initially to raise funds for the voluntary conservation movement. He specializes in studying the management of World Heritage sites.
Draft Itineraries
The draft itineraries in this catalogue are provided as guides only. They are subject to change due to weather or unforeseen conditions such as untrafficable road surfaces or changes to management policies. Some itineraries are also affected by tide times. A Safari Handbook will be forwarded to each safarist on receipt of their Application Form. Updated itineraries and more details of the specific safaris will be issued to participants, usually about six to eight weeks prior to departure.
GO BUSH Safaris provides all surface transport, access fees, admissions, meals and accommodation. Most safaris are self-catering. We seek budget accommodation close to our focal point of interest, which offers some exclusiveness and privacy when appropriate. We are proud of our catering. While limited by difficulties of supply and catering in some places, we provide for most diets. We provide complimentary wine in the evenings. Prices are based on participants being rostered to assist with some basic camp chores. Camping safaris utilize 8' x 8' x 7' high, easily-erected safari tents on a two share basis. Individual tents can be provided at a premium of $8.00 per person per day for the whole safari. Comfortable directors chairs, airbeds, pumps, lights, plates, cutlery, portable showers, as well as other essential camping equipment, are also provided. Specially equipped trailers become the focal point in a large covered mess area.
To Book
Bookings are accepted in strict order of receipt and must be accompanied by a signed Application Form and a 10% deposit. Because of the size limits and popularity of GO BUSH safaris, it is advisable to book early. People have missed out by not booking soon enough. Most take 19-20 safarists. Complete an Application Form and forward it to:
GO BUSH Safaris
PO Box 9313

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