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Australia's World Heritage Specialists

For almost 25 years GO BUSH Safaris has operated safaris throughout Australia with a special focus on Australian World Heritage areas and areas with World Heritage potential. All safaris were personally led by GO BUSH founder, John Sinclair. However GO BUSH has now ceased to offer commercial tours anywhere.

Having turned 71 in 2010 and after carried more than 2,000 individuals on one or more of the 250 plus safaris John has almost decided to retire. It is only “almost” because he has opted not to offer any more commercial safaris but he is till willing to guide groups and act as a consultant to groups wanting to explore the best of Australia’s natural areas and landscapes.

Apart from applying his still considerable energy to conservation projects, particularly the Fraser Island Defenders Organisation, John will now devote his main focus to recording his vast experiences and observations gained during those wonderful and personally rewarding 25 years by writing a book/sand publishing on the internet. Already some of his observations on environmental decline are published at randomKaos.com.

Since GO BUSH is being wound up it has closed all PO Boxes and any correspondence should be directed to John Sinclair personally: 1/32 Weston Street, Coorparoo Q 4151 or by email — john@sinclair.org.au

John is also compiling photo galleries for the many safari destinations traversed by GO BUSH Links that will be activated as the galleries are furnished with photos from past safaris:

For people interested in the history of GO BUSH Safaris in general the annual summary of activities is covered in the Bush Telegraphs
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Thailand-Laos-Cambodia
  • Kakadu
  • Kimberley
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Torres Strait and the Fly River
  • Fraser Island and Whale Watching
  • Shark Bay and Western Wildflowers Safari
  • Mungo Mutawintji and More
  • Lord Howe Island
  • Queensland Odyssey
  • Tropical Rainforest & Reef
  • Discovering Tasmania
  • Reef & Rainforest Cruise
  • Gondwana Rainforests
  • Uluru and the Red Centre
  • Blue Mountains
  • Cooloola
  • The Fearless Leader
  • The Intrepid Guide — Ian Morris
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Over the decades on most safaris safarists collectively compiled diaries describing memoirs and events. Some of these are included here. Others are not because of privacy considerations. Anyone wanting to peruse any of the diaries not included here should contact John direct by Email.
foot Kakadu Diary 2005, Kakadu Diary 2005 2 PDF
foot Thailand and Laos Diary 2005 PDF
foot Fraser Island Whale Watching Diary 2005 PDF
foot Kakadu Diary 2004 PDF
foot TOA Cruise Diary 2003 PDF
foot Lord Howe Island Diary 2003 PDF
foot Lord Howe Island Diary 2002 PDF
foot Tasmania Diary 2002 PDF
foot Tropical Rainforest and Reef Diary 2002 PDF
foot Queensland Odyssey Diary 2001
foot Shark Bay - Western Wildflower Diary 2001
foot Fraser Island Whale Watching Diary 2001
foot Kimberley Adventure with Willigan Diary 2001
foot Bush Christmas in the Border Ranges Diary 2001
foot Tropical Rainforest and Reef Diary 2001
foot Thailand and Laos Diary 2001
foot Kimberly Diary 2001
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